Feature requests that aren't included in the roadmap 🛣️


We all know that situation when suddenly during that onboarding call, the customer mentioned a feature that they might or might not have been sold to by the sales reps. No need to panic! There are reasonable ways to manage the situation and get out of this rather unpleasant part of our job without losing your face.
Jerome Lefebre Sr.CSM

Empathize and Listen: Put on Your Sympathy Hat

When a customer requests a feature that doesn't align with your product strategy, it's time to channel your inner empathetic superhero. Listen attentively to their desires and get into their shoes. Your mission: understand their needs and the reasoning behind their feature request. Remember, you're not just a customer success manager; you're a mind-reading, empathy-oozing wizard!

Communicate the Product Strategy: The Art of Visionary Jargon

It's time to unleash your powers of communication! Articulate your product strategy with the finesse of a wordsmith. Paint a vivid picture of your goals, vision, and the genius reasoning behind your decisions. Use your magical jargon to enlighten the customer about the grand design of your product universe. With your persuasive prowess, guide them to see the bigger picture and the roadmap to greatness!

Assess Potential Impact: Balancing Feasibility and Unicorn Dreams

Now, it's time for a reality check, mixed with a sprinkle of unicorn magic. Collaborate with your product team and evaluate the feasibility and potential impact of the requested feature. Will it require sacrificing three magical dragons and a sprinkle of stardust? Assess the technical complexity, resource requirements, and impact on your existing product kingdom. Strike the right balance between dreams and feasibility – you're not running a fairy tale kingdom (or are you?).

Jerome Lefebre Sr.CSM

Offer Alternatives and Compromises

If the requested feature doesn't quite fit your master plan, fear not! Summon your creative powers and engage in a delightful conversation. Offer alternatives and compromises like a whimsical magician pulling rabbits out of a hat. Suggest existing features or alternative workflows that can fulfil their desires. With a dash of creativity and a pinch of charm, find the sweet spot where their needs and your product vision collide in perfect harmony.